They’ve seen a lot

I read where the average marriage in America lasts 8.2 years. 

Yes. Less than 10 years.  

My wife and I are in our 35th year.  Colbi and Michael are just about to start…does that stat scare anybody?  

I recently read about an Israeli couple that is celebrating their 91st year of marriage.  Talk about beating the odds!

Zechariah and Shama’a started their relationship as Jewish orphans in Yemen, they married young to avoid being wed outside of their faith and culture. 

How young?  Shama’a and Zechariah were just 10 and 12 years old when they married. They became parents to 11 children and have 64 grand and great-grand children.

The Secret?  He says women were flocking to him like a herd of sheep….but God brought her to him and he worked to win her.  They say they have always loved spending time together.

Good thing…91 years is a lot of time! 

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