Have you ever bought clothes and then returned them for a refund… on purpose? Apparently this sort of thing is not rare… There’s even a

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Airplane Comfort

Go ahead and label me, I’m the type of person that likes to talk to the people I’m sitting next to on a plane. But

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Robbery Gone Wrong

It’s not nice to laugh at others. However… If you mess up a robbery well, I’m going to laugh at you. A thief in Colombia

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Water Slides

Now that summer is officially over, we can take a look at Summer Stats! (I know we’ve all been dying to do that). Those big

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How many Ants?!

Here’s a stat for you: There are currently 20 Quadrillion ants running around on and in our world. If you’re wondering how much that is,

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Check your Order

JoAnne, who lives in Jackson, Georgia stopped by the KFC drive thru to get a chicken sandwich. After she got her order, she checked her

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