Calorie Count

There’s several restaurants that have the calorie count on their menus. Presumably you can make better choices and stay within a fixed intake with the

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Drone Delivery

They’re here!!! The Amazon Drone Deliveries have begun! They’re only doing it in one California town right now, but they’re planning to roll them out

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Wedding Crasher

Some people think it’s funny, but I think t’s rude. Wedding Crashers. If you weren’t invited, don’t show up. Well, that’s what I thought before

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Stress Free Driving

When you think of driving in Jacksonville, do you think of “Stress Free”? I sure don’t! We always have some kind of back up and

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A Meaningful Hug

There’s usually some type of intention behind our hug when we hug someone. Sometimes it’s a greeting, sometime it’s to show our love for them

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The Pringles Spider?

Pringles is trying to get us all to pressure whoever is in charge of naming spiders to name the spider in the picture, ‘The Pringles

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