Are you ready?

Hurricane season officially begins June 1st.  Seems a long way away, doesn’t it? That is, until you consider how quickly we burned through April! Were’nt

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iPhone tip

Chances are you own an iPhone. If you do…I ran across this little tip that blew my mind…you may not know it either. If you

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Words mean something….

The Bible says…don’t say what you don’t mean.  Don’t manipulate words for your own favor.   Case in point….  Last week was International Womens Day.  Lots

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Who needs a hug?

SOURCE: SUNNYSKYZ.COM Do you ever see somebody and realize…that person needs a hug? We all do from time to time, don’t we? This is a

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3 Best Tools

We all use tools. Whether we are fixing a car or cooking, cleaning or moving something heavy. So, what tools have you found that are

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