An original gift…the Jumbo Shrimp Neck Pillow

Many of us love neck pillows.  They hold your head up and give you great support.  The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have a neck pillow that is not only practical…it’s fun!  And it won the Jumbo Shrimp a national award!  Perhaps a few of these will make their way under Christmas trees this year….. Shrimp Neck […]

80 Person Human Chain Saves Family in Riptide

Just a few hours west in Panama City Beach a family was enjoying their day at the beach when a mother noticed her kids were missing. After realizing that they were caught in a riptide she, and 5 other members of the family swam out to their rescue but the current was too strong and […]

Snack Pack Program looking to help local Nassau County students

Right now there are about 500 homeless students who need meals, and the Snack Pack Program is here to help! For some students lunch at school is their only meal of the day, but with this program they can go home with food for the weekend. Right now they are half way to their goal […]