Brunswick body shop cares for two stray potbelly pigs…

Pello Body Shop in Brunswick, Ga. recently welcomed two new friends. Two stray Potbelly pigs wandered into their neighborhood last month, and they have been caring for them ever since in hopes of finding their owners. The company is looking for someone to adopt both the pigs… Read more here

Don’t Get A Ticket

Just a reminder that putting your hazards on while driving in the rain can cost you $116. Cops say that while you might be trying to help let other drivers know you are driving cautiously, it actually creates confusion. What to do instead!

UPS Driver Adopts Pit Bull On Her Local Route

UPS Driver, Katie Newhouser, would pull into the condo complex and once she does that Leo the pit bull would start barking and scratching out the door to go say hi and do his favorite thing, explore the back of the truck. Then one day Katie learned that Leo’s owner has passed so she decided […]