California pays a lot for recycling….only…..

Make sure you are recycling California stuff!  A couple guys saw an opportunity.  California pays more than anybody else for recycled bottles.  So they gathered a couple of semi trailers worth of recyclable bottles and drove them to California to turn them in.  About a $20 thousand dollar payday.  They were arrested!   More here…….

They look cool…but don’t touch

There have been many reports of Man-O-Wars washing up on Jacksonville Shores.  They look cool, but those tentacles can be up to 40 feet long and sting the fire outta you!   More here……

Everbank Field is a Football Fans Bucket List item!

Do you frequent the Jaguars stadium?  Hardcore football fans say attending a game is a bucket list item.  Because of the high quality football?  Not likely.  Because of the in-stadium pool and NFL’s largest video board!  Maybe the team will come along….. More here…..