Toy Hall of Fame

It’s about that time where we venture into the official Christmas shopping season! We cant help but think back on our favorite toy around this time. Have you checked to see if yours is in the Toy Hall of Fame?

If it’s not, maybe this is the year for it! Here’s the 2022 list of possible inductions:  

  • Bingo – Wow. I’m surprised this isn’t already in it.
  • Lite-Brite – One of the coolest toys ever!
  • Nerf Toys- The symbol of my childhood
  • Masters of the Universe – Hmm… I’m not familiar with that one
  • Piñata – Fun at any party!
  • Pound Puppies – So cozy and cuddly
  • Spirograph – I liked the idea of these, but sometimes I would get dizzy doing them
  • The Spinning Top – Wow! The world’s most basic toy and it’s not in the the hall of fame?!

All are great Christmas gift ideas too!

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