Flight Emergency

Airplane Flying through the clouds

Have you ever been on a plane that experiences real difficulties mid flight? I’ve been through some decent turbulence, but the plane was always solid.

That’s not the case for these folks… Last Friday a plane left Scotland, heading for New York.

A passenger said, “We were on the plane and there was a bit of a funny noise as we went along the runway before we took off. It was a strange noise. Thinking back now, with hindsight, it didn’t sound right.”

He went on to said “We took off and I ended up nodding off and I woke up with a banging noise. Three big sort of bangs and the next minute the plane suddenly nose dived and then out the window the engines are on fire. I’d woken up with a fright and I was looking around and I could see everyone’s eyes, like startled, and then we started going down.”

The plane returned to Scotland and the passengers were safely evacuated.

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