Fair Fun!

Gary and Colbi from the morning show posing for a photo

We had a blast at the Clay County Fair! Here’s some things worth checking out when you’re there:

Disc Connected K9’s– He puts on an amazing show with dogs that are ALL rescued! He throws frisbees and the dogs catch them It’s unreal the type of tricks they do! (He also helped Colbi when her truck was blocked in)

All of the Livestock – Our favorite were the pigs. Their name was on their cage along with ribbons from competitions they’ve been in. They were cute and they really didn’t smell that bad.

Corndogs – This is the one fair snack Gary HAD to have. He said it was totally worth the money because it’s pretty big and not just all bread… you can taste the dog inside!

Waffle Cone Ice Cream – This is ice cream that’s in a legit waffle. The waffle is made to order, so it’s warm when they give it to you. If you don’t have a big sweet tooth, I would not recommend. Otherwise, it’s amazing!

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