Creative Dad Stories

A little kid on top of their dad's shoulders

Father’s Day is on Sunday, so we remember the things dad did to keep us in line… and entertained! After all, dad’s are the best at that!

Here are some fun creative stories we’ve heard form dads, on how they’ve kept their kids in line!

• Even before “smart” toothbrushes, I told my son that his toothbrush was connected to my phone, and that it told me how long he brushed his teeth.
• I used to tell my kids that wheat bread is brown because it’s made with chocolate. They would ask why they couldn’t taste the chocolate, and I just told them that the bread only used a little bit.

• I told my son that his breath got really bad when he lied. So, I would notice him chewing gum, or brushing his teeth at weird times and, sure enough, it was usually before he knew we’d have to talk.  

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We love you!

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