California Wildfires Have No Resistance

Right now Southern California is fighting four huge wildfires simulatenously. Making matters worse, the humidity level is ranging from the low teens to single digits, accompanied by winds up to 80 mph helping the fires run rampant. Over 200,000 acres are engulfed in flames. Please keep everybody in your prayers during this time, and thank […]

Sometimes God just brings you together….

The actions of a New Mexico Police Officer is making social media rounds.  He came across a homeless woman doing drugs…she was 8 months pregnant.  He told her she was going to kill her baby.  He kept up with her and…adopted her baby once she was born.  He says God brought them all together.  He […]

It’s Giving Tuesday

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it is officially Giving Tuesday. A day for philanthropy and generosity to shine through! Learn about the active organizations and how to participate here!