UPS Driver Adopts Pit Bull On Her Local Route

UPS Driver, Katie Newhouser, would pull into the condo complex and once she does that Leo the pit bull would start barking and scratching out the door to go say hi and do his favorite thing, explore the back of the truck. Then one day Katie learned that Leo’s owner has passed so she decided […]

Youth Leaders…an event just for you!

Whether you are a fully ordained Youth Pastor or a newly roped-in volunteer…this is an event perfect for you!  What we all need are Relationships to help support, encourage and inspire us and Resources to help us present the Word to youth.  That’s what this event will provide for you. Youth Quake Live, The Murray […]

An original gift…the Jumbo Shrimp Neck Pillow

Many of us love neck pillows.  They hold your head up and give you great support.  The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have a neck pillow that is not only practical…it’s fun!  And it won the Jumbo Shrimp a national award!  Perhaps a few of these will make their way under Christmas trees this year….. Shrimp Neck […]