Win Dad this riding lawn mower!

Saturday June 17th YOUR DAD can drive this lawn mower in the TOOLS FOR A TIME 500 The fastest time WINS THE MOWER! Saturday June 17th at Tools for a Time 11291 Old St. Augustine (Old St. Augustine and I-295) 10am Sign your Dad up, then come to the special Tools For A Time 500 […]

For Father’s Day….really?

Dear Lord, please take me now…..I am a Father and appreciate whatever gift my children feel is best for me on Father’s Day…except for this.  First, I do not look anything like these young, flat-bellied, romper boys…and second…even if I did…you would NEVER catch me in one of these grown-man-onesies….   More…if you can stand […]

California pays a lot for recycling….only…..

Make sure you are recycling California stuff!  A couple guys saw an opportunity.  California pays more than anybody else for recycled bottles.  So they gathered a couple of semi trailers worth of recyclable bottles and drove them to California to turn them in.  About a $20 thousand dollar payday.  They were arrested!   More here…….