Get to know the Artists….off-stage…..

Get to Know Kari Jobe

She started leading worship at 13 and has no intention of stopping. With her platform, she's been able to lead worship in the White House!

Hear what it’s like touring with two young kids and what her favorite part about her home is.

Get to Know Mercy Me

Just a bunch of guys that love the Lord and music. Thankfully, they've been able to make a career out of it!

Hear 32 years worth of marriage advice from Barry, and where he would take you, to see the raw side of him.

Hear how Bart learned how to drive a stick shift and what time of day, his house is the loudest!

Get to Know Pat Barret

He's been leading worship since he was 14 and has written some of the most well know Christian songs we sing today.
Hear what 1st grade Pat thought he'd be doing right now and what he does when he's overwhelmed with worry.

Get to Know For King And Country

Two brothers that love Jesus, Australia and Music!

Hear how Luke makes time for his wife in the mist of having 4 kids and what he enjoys doing in his free time!

Get to Know Colton Dixon

He's not just a guy with good hair... he's a guy with a great voice that sings great songs!

Learn what Colton and his wife did to tell their twins apart and what his favorite hobby is!

Get to Know Danny Gokey

Danny made it to the Top-Three Finals in American Idol and is now on his seventh album, and more loved than ever!

Hear how he spent his summer’s growing up and which artists he loves beating in basketball!

Get to Know Laura Story

She confessed she’s terrible at being normal a long time ago… and that’s what makes Laura so loveable!

Hear what it's like constantly traveling with all FOUR kids and how she's had to meet them each where they're at.

Get to Know Tauren Wells

He adores his wife and boys and is just happy to be singing!

Get to know where his name came from and learn whether Tauren likes “This or That”!

Get to Know Micah Tyler

He wasn’t always a superstar. He started off driving a sausage delivery truck, but followed the calling he knew God had on his life!

Hear what kind of side Hustle Micah thinks he would be best at and what a date night for him and his wife looks like.

Get to Know I Am They

Mat Hein never really imagined his life like this, but he’s glad he’s where he’s at!

Hear how Matt and his family celebrate Christmas and what his favorite Christmas memory is.

Get to Know Baylor Wilson

After excelling at competitive cheerleading, starring in Season 29 of NBC's Survivor and scoring a country music publishing deal, Baylor has now entered the Christian Music field!

Hear about life for this newlywed and what it was like leaving the country music realm.

Get to know We The Kingdom

We The Kingdom is one big happy family, (literally)! Made up of talented and established producers, songwriters and support players.

Hear where Franni’s name came from and what it’s actually like being in a family band!

Get to know Hope Darst

Over the past 15 years, Hope has been leading worship, growing her family and serving the local church. Like most mom's, she wears many hats; wife, worship leader and songwriter.

Hear where Hope got the inspiration for her hit song “Peace Be Still” and what it’s like being a mom during COVID.

Get to know Bill Gaither

Back in 1950, he created the Southern Gospel industry that we now know and is STILL going strong!

Hear his take on difficult relationships and the best way to grow from them.

Get to know Jordan Smith
Like most, Jordan Started off singing in his church choir but then unlike most...went on to win Season Nine of The Voice!

Hear the challenges Jordan Faced while being on the voice and his favorite thing(s) about his wife!

Get to know Leanna Crawford

Leanna's grounded and honest lyrics make her feel more like a friend and confidante than a star.
Hear what truth Leanna stands on when life gets hard and a sneak peek of her new song, "Photoshop"!

Get to know Rhett Walker

Full time musician, husband and dad to Four! There's not much Rhett can't do!

Hear what happened when he stepped out of the music spotlight and what his favorite dad moment has been!

Get to know Lydia Laird

Being one of ten kids has forced Lydia to get loud and make a name for herself growing up.. and she continues to do just that!

Hear how Lydia has taken ahold of her mental health and what it was like growing up with nine siblings!