Support for a critically injured Deputy

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Support for a critically injured Deputy

Traffic deputy Ben Zirbel is still in critical condition. That said, many friends of our community have reached out about donating to Deputy Zirbel’s family, so a secure VyStar Credit Union account has been established. Should you be interested in donating directly to them please use VyStar account number 7507565803.

As overwhelming support continues to flood our agency, our members and Deputy Zirbel’s family want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. #CCSOFL

How to listen to The Promise from your voice activated speaker

You can call it Alexa, or Echo, or Amazon or even Computer…but whatever you call it, you can tell it what to do and it does it!

One of the more useful features is the ability to tell it to play your favorite radio station.  How do you do that?  2 easy steps.

Simply say,

‘Alexa (or whatever you choose to call yours) enable The Promise.’

It will ask, ‘100.7?’

You respond, ‘Yes’

The Promise starts playing!

After that initial command, anytime you want to listen, simply say,

‘Alexa (or whatever) please play The Promise Radio’

It’s that simple!