The Sandlot Saves Lives

We usually hear about parents saving kids from drownings, not the other way around. But in this case, a dad owes his life to his sons.

It was just your average afternoon. A dad and his twin 10 year old boys were playing in their backyard pool, they also had one of their friends over. The dad was doing some lung training exercises under water, something he does all the time, when he lost consciousness.

The boys immediately noticed their dad and pulled him out of the water. One of the boys ran to a neighbors house for help but no one was home. While one of them called 911, another boy gave his dad mouth to mouth, to try and revive him.

He wasn’t totally sure if he was doing it right, but he said he remembered seeing it in the movie “The Sandlot” and just copied what he saw. He continued to do it until the ambulance showed up.

The dad is getting better and said “I’m proud of my boys. They’re heroes and I will be grateful for them forever.”

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