The Rest of the Germ Story

The Rest of the Germ Story

You know how you’ve heard every study on Earth that suggests everything you use on a daily basis has more germs than can be counted and will probably infect you with some dire disease?

Here’s the REST of the story…

Yes, all those germs are present on your toothbrush and on your kitchen sponge and on the inside of our dishwasher and all those other places… but once the object dries… almost all of the bad germs die. When light hits some of them, they die! Point is… almost all of them die before they get a chance to infect you… and those that don’t are taken care of by your immune system.

So, if you have immunity problems obviously be very careful. If you don’t, don’t do anything unwise. But don’t obsess over the silly stories. Your toothbrush is not out to get you and your kitchen sponge isn’t teeming with The Black Plague.

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