The Best Place to Raise a Family in Florida

 Everyone and their dog wants to move to Florida. I mean, who can really blame them, it’s the best place in the whole wide world!

To help make it a little easier with where new Floridians should move it, an article called “The Best Place to Raise a Family in Florida” was written. They figured out “The Best Place” based on the school districts, how much a home or rent is and other family related things.

The list ranked the top 25 counties. I’ll start off by saying that my hometown, Wakulla County came in at #23! Duval County came in at #11 and coming in at #2 was St. Johns County.

The Number 1 place to raise a family in Florida is Seminole County. It’s just above Orlando. It’s location, location, location! Just close enough to Disney, but a little breathing room from Mikey Mouse.

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