Naming Things

A man driving a snowplow and the snowplow removing snow from the roads

Remember when the internet was young and big companies and governments thought they could get people involved in their campaigns if they asked the people online to name things?

It would be random thinks like snow plows and storm drains. In the early days people were horrified by what people suggested and voted in. One time someone submitted a name for a cargo ship and it won…. and now the cargo ship is named Shippy McShipface. The name stuck because when they tried to take the promised “Voted In Name” away, people revolted!

Some of the most popular names that stuck are:

The snow plow in New York named Fuhgeddaplowdit

Or in Minnesota a snow plows named Snowy McSnowface, Saltimus Prime, Snowbi Wan Kenobi, Seymour Pavement, and Dolly Plowton. There’s even one in Vermont named Steve!

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