More Than Free Food

The restaurant, Poppeyes.

You’ve heard about people camping outside of a new restaurant all night for a chance to win a years worth of food from the place, right?

Here’s a guy who did just that… but not for himself! For people who have a hard time affording food.

He wouldn’t give his name, he said his name wasn’t important. But a new Popeyes Restaurant was opening and they ran a contest – The first one here on opening day wins chicken for a year! So, this guy camped out, right outside of the Popeyes!

He said, “It’s not just because it’s free food, but because I can help feed some of the local homeless with it.” He went on to say, “Thank you, but all glory to God. I can afford food, I can afford a car, so if I can help others out, why not?”

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