Level Up Your Happiness

A group of three women laughing with eachother

If you listen to the news and watch social media, you may think everybody is less happy than they used to be. That may be true. So, we found a few habits the happiest people on the planet have that help keep them happy:

They Practice Gratitude – Those of us who stop to realize what we are grateful for remain happier than those who do not.

They Reach Out – Those who volunteer at a homeless shelter of in the Church nursery or mentor a child… in short, those that focus on others are more happy.

They Like to Bond – Those with good, close friends are not only happier, they tend to be healthier.

They are Spiritual – We realize that we, individually, are not responsible for the world. It’s not all about us. That we have a God who created all of this and loves us deeply and that helps us stay happier.

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