Do you drink too much coffee?

Maybe you don’t drink ENOUGH!

Colbi is always jumping on me about how much coffee I drink. I’ve done my homework.  Consider these facts, Colbi:

  • A study of more than half a million people concluded that those who drink coffee are 10 to 15% LESS likely to die of ANY CAUSE than those who do not drink coffee
  • Another study funded by the American Heart Association concluded that every additional cup of coffee you drink everyday drops your risk of heart failure or stroke by 8%…EVERY CUP
  • A Stanford University study found that those of us who drink caffeinated coffee…NOT de-caff…LIVE LONGER.  They say perhaps because the caffeine counteracts naturally occurring inflammation which is associated with 90% of all diseases of aging!
  • Harvard did a study of more than 200 thousand doctors and nurses over the course of 30 years…and concluded there is a correlation between increased coffee consumption and a lower risk of death from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even suicide.
  • Another study concluded those of us who drink coffee on a regular basis experience better moods! Colbi…this is me IN A GOOD MOOD!  Imagine if I didn’t drink coffee!

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