Boomer Lingo

A large group meeting in an office space

Do you want to sound a bit more educated and mature in your next office meeting? How about throwing in some Boomer lingo! That’ll really help, especially if your boss is one. But not quite sure what to say…. try these phrases!

You can’t have your cake and eat it too – One of the more commonly used boomer phrases today, this one means that you can’t have everything; compromises are necessary.

Mind your P’s and Q’s – You may have heard your boomer parent or grandparent use this phrase. It means to be on one’s best behavior. Essentially, the phrase is a reminder to be polite and behave appropriately.

In a Pickle – To be in a pickle means to be in a difficult or challenging situation.

Can’t teach an old dog new Tricks – This is one of the oldest idioms of old English language. It’s said to have been first used in 1546. The phrase means that it’s hard to change someone’s established behavior or beliefs.

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