Baby Girl Adopted

Baby girl sleeping

In Ocala, Florida they have a Safe Haven Baby Box. Meaning someone can place a baby in this place and the baby will be taken care of… no questions asked.

Last January, Baby Zoey was placed in that Safe Haven Baby Box at the fire station. Vincent was working an overnight shift that day. When a baby is placed in the box, silent alarms are triggered.

Vincent thought it was a false alarm, but when he opened the box, there was Zoey staring up at him. She was wrapped in a pink blanket. “I picked her up and she wasn’t crying. That was it, I was in love with her.”

Vincent and his wife Katie have been struggling to have a baby and they were registered to adopt. Zoey was placed in the station’s Safe Haven Baby Box on January 2nd and by January 4th she was home with Vincent and Katie.

He said “God definitely put her in our lives and gave us the opportunity to adopt her.”

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