Do you drink too much coffee?

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Do you drink too much coffee?

Maybe you don’t drink ENOUGH! Consider these facts….

Colbi is always jumping on me about how much coffee I drink. I’ve done my homework.  Consider these facts, Colbi…

  • A study of more than half a million people concluded that those who drink coffee are 10 to 15% LESS likely to die of ANY CAUSE than those who do not drink coffee
  • Another study funded by the American Heart Association concluded that every additional cup of coffee you drink everyday drops your risk of heart failure or stroke by 8%…EVERY CUP
  • A Stanford University study found that those of us who drink caffienated coffee…NOT de-caff…LIVE LONGER.  They say perhaps because the caffiene counteracts naturally occurinmg inflammation which is associated with 90% of all diseases of aging!
  • Harvard did a study of more than 200 thousand doctors and nurses over the course of 30 years…and concluded there is a correlation between increased coffee consumption and a lower risk of death from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even suicide
  • Another study concluded those of us who drink coffee on a regular basis experience better moods!  Colbi…this is me IN A GOOD MOOD!  Imagine if I didn’t drink coffee!

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How to listen to The Promise from your voice activated speaker

You can call it Alexa, or Echo, or Amazon or even Computer…but whatever you call it, you can tell it what to do and it does it!

One of the more useful features is the ability to tell it to play your favorite radio station.  How do you do that?

Simply say,

‘Alexa (or whatever you choose to call yours) play one hundred point seven The Promise’.’

Thank you for listening to 100.7 The Promise!