How would you react to this customer?

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How would you react to this customer?

A customer purchased a sandwich from a fast food place…then returned it saying the sandwich should have been cut in half…yet the dimensions of the 2 sides were off.

She was correct.  One side was 1 centimeter wider than the other.

Here’s my question.  Let’s say you made that sandwich.  How would you react to the customer?

For me, a lot depends on how the customer brought this discrepancy to my attention.  If she was respectful, I would have tended to be respectful in return.  If she was hateful…different story.  That however is not Biblical, is it?  If God treated me with the honor and respect I show Him…I would not be the blessed man I am.

The customer was given another sandwich and was allowed to cut it herself.  For the record, her cut was precisely down the middle.  She was happy, drama was avoided and all it cost was a sandwich.

I have this problem of focusing on ‘the way I am being treated’ rather than the issue at hand.  Perhaps if I let go of a little of my self importance and gave others theirs…I could smooth over a few misunderstandings and help foster cooperation in the world.

We could certainly use it.


2018 Winter Jam Pictures

Winter Jam brought Skillet, Kari Jobe, Building 429, Jordan Feliz and a lot more to the Veterans Memorial Arena…here are a few pictures from our friend Daniel Moll who took the shots.

  • Jordan Feliz rocks the house
  • Hmmm…the dress code for his job is way different thean the dress code for mine…
  • Kari Jobe!
  • Where do these people get their clothes?
  • Skillet
  • Skillet
  • Selfie time?
  • Or maybe he forgot the words and found them on his phone?